13/12/2020 17:23

Feng Shui 2021

Year 2021 will be the year of Ox, Yin Metal Ox. Ox is the 2nd animal sign of the 12 Chinese Animals zodiac. Ox is a symbol of hard working, reliable, responsible, nurturing and people said its a spirituality animal.

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16/10/2020 15:14

2020 So Far

Is this all what we going to see and face year 2020? What have we know about it so far, is this the year of change or is it a year that we can't wait to forget about it and write it off?

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23/08/2020 18:55

First Thing First

With all the chaos and uncertainties that we are having this year. We should all go back to the basic, get the fundamental issues sorted before handling the bigger problem. Where should we start from all this?

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15/01/2020 08:30

Feng Shui 2020

Looking into year 2020.

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